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Our History

Tailored clothes available as in chain stores.

Our luxury clothing brand was founded in 2023 by DHEMAAN G.ADITYA. The whole thing started with a desire to reinvent the world of fashion with immortal, classy, and handcrafted clothing items that portray luxury and sophistication. We have become an internationally recognized brand which is associated with extravagance and exclusivity. Through the years, we have continuously been revolutionary in redefining creativity and superiority for the benefit of our esteemed clients so that they obtain the best sartorial mastery.

Our Mission

We are committed to taking the art of fashion to a new level beyond any trend or season. We aim to dress people in garments which are not only clothes but wearable pieces of art imbued with an element of elegance and sophistication. We aspire to give an unmatched luxury experience that is embodied in every single stitch, material, and intricate detail that exudes quality, creativity, as well as sophistication without borders. Our brand is all about bringing the best kind of clothes that empowers people to display their individuality and uniqueness in style. Through the wears, people are able to showcase their confidence and class.

Core Values


Every garment we make, we are dedicated to the pursuit of perfection. Made by our skilled craftsmen, the pieces are made with an impeccable attention to detail and dedication to quality.


We believe in designs that stand the test of time and are not influenced by temporary fashion. Our clothing is created to last for years and combines the past and present flawlessly.


Exclusivity is an important attribute that accompanies luxury. We provide a limitedcollection, made to order service, which guarantees unique experience to every client.


We do not limit ourselves to traditions but continually explore innovative ways to push boundaries in the world of fashion. We delve into fresh techniques, materials, and design concepts as well to ensure that we bring new and extraordinary creations


Our company adheres to responsible and honest practices at all stages of our business operations. Our priority is to ensure sustainability in sourcing, production, and packaging so as to minimize our impact on the environment.

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